TASA ECHS application can be accessible on internet

  • By accessing the online application ECHS members and veterans can register and also book an appointment from the preferred polyclinics.

  • Which is available on mobile and web interfaces.

  • It allows online booking of appointments by date or by the doctor.

  • This application has a capability to capture referrals logged from each polyclinic.

  • Gets notifications to all stakeholders as needed.

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We Offers A Wide Range Of Features


We provide the best and easy way of online registration for ECHS members and veterans to book an appointment

Online doctor appointment booking

We provide the smart way of online doctor appointment booking by date or by the doctor at your preferred time slot and polyclinic


Doctor Referrals

It has a capability to capture doctor referrals to the multi-specialists logged from each polyclinic

Feedback / Grievances, Rating

Gets notifications to all stakeholders as needed and also the patients can give feedback and rating to the doctors or polyclinics after there visit of consultation

How to get Registered ?

  • To register in android app and desktop app click on sign-up button.
  • Fill all the required details .
  • Click on re-CAPTCHA and then submit to register .
  • You will receive an email containing your login username and password .

How to book an Appointment

  • Enter your login details .
  • Search as you prefer in the Filter page .
  • Select a doctor and click on book appointment button .
  • Select appointment date and time slot and then proceed .
  • Select patient name and confirm .
  • You have successfully booked an appointment .



Appointment App- English

Appointment App- Hindi

Appointment App- Telugu

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